Kylie Grady prepping chimpanzee fecal samples.

From left to right: Dr. Tony Goldberg, Jess Carag, Kylie Grady, Kate Burkart, Cristina 'Tia' Diaz, Ph.D. student Leah Owens, and Kayla Bonack.

Jess Carag performing sedimentation of chimpanzee fecal samples.

Parasite Microscopy Team

I had the great privilege to mentor and train a team of seven scientists in parasite microscopy in Dr. Tony Goldberg's laboratory at University of Wisconsin - Madison. These diligent and hardworking women and men have assisted me in data collection while being trained in parasitology, microscopy, and basic laboratory methods. They also had opportunities to complete independent research projects, scientific presentations, and get hands-on training in project management.

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